Youth/Young Riders

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Region 9 Youth Schooling Show Challenge (pdf)

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Who are youth?

In USDF, a Youth membership is for those under the age of 21 on December 1st of the current membership year. The membership year goes from December 1-November 30.

Is the membership age the same as the competition age?

It depends on what type of classes you want to enter. Some special classes determine your age by the calendar year, not the membership year.

What competitions are available for youth?

Youth riders may compete in schooling shows and recognized shows in any test under the Jr/YR division. Some recognized shows may also offer Youth Regional Team Competitions.

Children’s FEI Classes is a new division for Llevel 3 shows starting in 2017.  Ages 12-14 riding a horse or pony.  The tests are team and individual and are equivalent to 2nd level USEF tests in difficulty.

Regional Team Competitions

Region 9 holds one or two Youth Regional Team Competitions each summer. Check the Region 9 Competition Calendar for dates and location. For more information click on this link: 


This is a new division for 2011. Pony classes may be held at Level 3 shows. Riders are ages 12-16. Two classes are mandatory: FEI Pony Team Test and FEI Pony Individual Test. The optional FEI Pony Freestyle test may be offered at some Level 3 shows.

NAJYRC Program

If you are interested in competing in the NAJYRC Program then your age goes on the calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31). This means that your age on January 1 is the age that you’ll become that year. For example, if your birthday is on July 2nd and you’ll turn 22 on July 2nd then you’ll be too old to compete in NAJRYC that year (even though you are 21 on January 1st of that year.)

You can only compete in the NAJYRC Program if you are between the ages of 14 and 21 on the calendar year. In the NAJYRC Program you can either compete in the Junior Division or the Young Rider Division. The Junior tests are comparable to 4th level tests. The Young Rider tests are comparable to PSG tests. Juniors are ages 14-18 and Young Riders are ages 16-21. If you are 16, 17, or 18, you may choose whether you want to compete in the Junior tests or the Young Rider tests.

These classes may be held at Level 3 shows. Three classes will be offered in each category (Junior and Young Rider). Both the FEI Team Test and the FEI Individual Test are mandatory, the FEI Freestyle (Junior or Young Rider) Test is optional. For more information click on this link:

Each competitor is responsible for keeping up to date with all rules and regulations of the organizations and programs in which they compete. Also, read the rules of each competition.

Program / Age Determined By
USDF / Membership Year
Youth Team Competitions / Calendar Year
NAJYRC / Calendar Year

What other programs are available for youth?

Are you a US Pony Club member?

Currently USDF recognizes youth members who achieve dressage specialty ratings and there is an award for USPC members who compete in USPC rallies and USDF recognized competitions.

What is going on in Region 9 for youth?

Please keep checking the Region 9 Calendar for updates in our Region.

Who can I contact in Region 9 for more information?

USDF FEI Junior/Young Rider Committee member: Benny Pfabe
USDF Youth Programs Advisory Subcommittee member: Faith Morris, TX
USDF Youth Programs Committee member: Anne Kuhns, OK