Horse Person of the Year – Guidelines

Deadline for Nominations is August 15.
Submit to Carolyn VandenBerg (email)

Selection criteria for the USDF Region 9 Horse Person of the Year, needs to be broad and flexible. For one thing, we will be considering persons whose contributions are quite different and cannot be measured well against each other. They are not as easy to compare or measure as home runs, touchdowns high jumps, etc.

The committee will consider persons who have influenced the development, growth, quality and popularity of dressage in a meaningful and positive measure. The honor should be awarded to the horseman or horsewoman whose has demonstrated superior sportsmanship, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in the Region 9 dressage community.

The selection guidelines that may be used are as follows:

  • Contributed significant service
  • Promoted dressage in some manner
  • Promoted the Region by volunteering their time, expertise, or resources that reflects positively on the region
  • Made a unique or creative contribution

Persons to be considered and evaluated should fit into at least two of the following categories in which they have demonstrated creativity, originality, vision and sustained effort:

  • Teaching riders and/or instructors
  • Assuming positions of leadership in major dressage organizations
  • Volunteering
  • Judging
  • Writing of books, articles or periodicals
  • Acting as Technical Delegates and educating TDs
  • Speaking at seminars, symposia, major meetings
  • Competing at high International and National levels
  • Assisting and inspiring youth and acting as role models
  • Training and coaching

Nominees may be persons at any point in their career.

Solicitation for Nominations

Request for nominations should be made via all Region 9 GMO newsletters, the Region 9 Eblast, & the Region 9 Website by August 15th of the current nomination year.


Members of Region 9 may make nominations via mail, fax or email. Only one nomination per member is allowed. Multiple nominations for the same person will not influence the final selection.

Suggested Outline for Presenting Nominee’s Qualifications

  1. Name and brief biographical background.
  2. Current position / activity.
  3. Description of most significant contributions and / or services to dressage in the region

Deadline for Nominations

August 15th, for the current nomination year. Presentation made at the Region 9 Championship Show. No nomination will be made public except for that of the final award recipient.

Please direct all nominations — including your USDF number and supporting reasons for the nomination — to the Horse Person of the Year Committee Chair:
Carolyn VandenBerg (email)
112 Eden Ranch Drive
Canyon Lake, TX 78133