USDF & Region 9 Timeline

Note: Applications for Region 9 grants and awards are available on the Region 9 Website: or contact:


  • New GMO officers review the GMO Handbook on the USDF Web site.
  • GMOs submit an updated list of officers to USDF office, with copy to Regional Director.
  • Nominations for Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award open for current year. Guidelines available on Region 9 Website.


  • PM Delegate and Executive Board nominations open.
  • February 10 – Deadline for competitions – submit completed Regional Championships Host Site applications to Regional Director.
  • February 28 – Regional Board- current year regional travel budgets due to Region 9 Treasurer & Regional Director.


  • March 1 – “Riders Declarations of Intent” to qualify for the NAJYRC are due to the USDF
    office. March 1 is the final postmark date for ‘Declarations of Intent” to be accepted with
    a $50 declaration fee. Postmarked declarations of March 2 through April 1st are accepted with a $300 declaration fee.
  • End of fiscal year for USDF & Region 9.


  • April 1 – FINAL “Received by” date for the NAJYRC “Declarations of Intent” with fee.
  • April 15 – Deadline for PM Delegate nominations to the USDF office.
  • Mid to end of April –USDF Spring Executive Board Meeting.
  • April 30 – Applications to host a USEF Developing Programs and NAJYRC Qualifying
    Event is due to USEF by electronic submission. This is for competitions being held January 1 – December of the next year.


  • Region 9 Omnibus Advertising Form available on Region 9 Website. Deadline for Omnibus ads is Sept 17th.
  • May 1 – Nominations for Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Awards to USDF office.
  • First week of May – Regional Championship sites announced.
  • Mid May – NAJYRC Entries in Principle due to USDF office for submission to USEF.


  • June 1 – Online voting for PM delegates goes live on USDF Web site. For a paper ballot, request through the USDF office.
  • June 1 – Nominations for the Executive Board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Directors and At-Large Directors) due to the USDF office. Positions on the Executive Board in which elections are held stagger depending on the year. Nominations may also be made from the floor of the BOG at the Annual Meeting.
  • June 1 – USDF Arts Contest opens. Youth & Adult.
  • Mid June – NAJYRC nominated entries due to USDF office.
  • End of June – NAJYRC definite entries due to USDF office, including final stabling fees.
  • June 30 – Deadline to vote for PM delegates on the USDF Web site. Ballot must be returned to the USDF office, and postmarked no later than June 30.
  • USEF Rule changes proposed by individuals are due to USEF by June 1, and by September 1 if submitted by USEF committees or affiliate entities. Official USDF proposed rule changes are generally voted on by the Executive Board and channeled to the USEF Dressage Committee.
  • GMO Delegate Authorization Forms are mailed to eligible GMOs, to appoint representation for the end of year USDF Convention.


  • All entries for the USDF Arts Contest must be received in the USDF office on or
    before July 1.
  • July 1 – Nominations for Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award close – current year.
  • July 1 – Region 9 GMO Board Attendee- Regional Grant Application for Summer Meeting due to RD. Application on:
  • End of July – NAJYRC is held.
  • July 31 – GMO Reports, Regional Board Reports, & Regional Financial updates/ reports due to Region 9 Director, for inclusion in the Region 9 Summer Meeting packet.


  • Mid to end of August – Region 9 Summer Meeting:
  • August 1 – Deadline to submit Request for Refund of Multiple GMO dues to the USDF office. These refund requests can be submitted to USDF April 1 through August 1 of the current membership year.
  • August 1 – Deadline to submit All-Breeds declarations to USDF.
  • August 15 – Deadline for Scholarship application for Youth to attend convention due to the USDF office.
  • August 31 – Deadline to submit Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund Grant Application to the USDF office.
  • August 31 – Deadline to submit GMO Newsletter and Web Site Award nominations to the USDF office.
  • August 31 – Deadline for GMO and Youth and USDF Volunteer of the Year Award nominees due to the USDF office.
  • August 31 – Deadline for GMOs to return GMO Delegate Authorization form, appointing representation for the BOG meeting at the annual convention.

Motions to amend the Bylaws generally need to be in process no later than August in order to get through the system. A Bylaw motion to be considered by the BOG needs to be first submitted to the USDF EB and the Bylaws Committee for comment and review at least 60 days before the BOG General Assembly


  • September 1 – Deadline to submit Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award Applications to The Dressage Foundation. Applications on:
  • September 1 – Deadline to submit GMO rosters and dues in order for GMO members to count towards GMOs voting strength at the BOG.
  • September 15 – Deadline to submit Region 9 Horse Person of the Year Nominations to HPOY Region 9 Chair. Application on:
  • September 17th – TD, Judges, L’s, GMO’s, Youth, Jr/ YR, Certified Instructors, SWDC, TEA, and HPOY pages due to Bruce & Liz for the Region 9 Omnibus.
  • September 17th – Region 9 Omnibus Ads & Listings due to Bruce & Liz.
  • September 30 – GMO Board/Delegate Attendee to Convention- Regional Grant Application to Region 9 Director. Application on:
  • USDF National Nominee for the USEF Youth Sportsman Award. (Timeline to be determined when deadlines are set by USEF)
  • September 30th: These deadlines are the same from year to year.
    • End of USDF competition year
    • Deadline to apply for Rider Awards and Horse Performance Certificates
    • Deadline to submit birthday to USDF (required for Jr/YR and Adult Amateur awards)
    • Deadline to declare eligibility for Vintage Cup Awards


  • Check the USEF website for proposed rule changes affecting dressage.
  • October 15 – Deadline for members to submit to the USDF office, Year-End Award corrections, and corrections to scores earned in the previous competition year.


  • Region 9 “Horse Person of the Year”, & Region 9 “Teaching Excellence Award” awarded at the Great American / USDF Regional Championship Show.
  • November 30 – Deadline for GMOs to submit final GMO roster for the current membership year. Rosters can be submitted through November 30 for either the current membership year or the following membership year, but must be clearly marked as to which year the roster applies.
  • November 30 – End of the USDF membership year. Region 9 Board – job description updates due to RD, and post on Region 9 Website.

December [End of Nov. – beginning of December – Adequan/USDF Annual Convention]

  • December 1 – Initial GMO membership roster and matching dues are due in the USDF office for the following membership year. These are considered late if received after December 1 and late fees will be applied.
  • December 1 – GMOs must have their Annual GMO Affiliate Verification Form to the USDF office to remain listed on the USDF Web site.

Throughout the Year

  • Shows may apply to USDF for: Breeders Championship Series & Final- deadline- at least 6 months prior to competition.
  • Shows may apply for: Dover Adult Amateur Medal – 2nd Level – deadline at least 90 days prior to show date.
  • GMOs may apply for education grants from Dressage Foundation-at least 90 days out: 
  • GMOs may apply for Region 9 Adult or Youth Education Grant- at least 30 days out –
    for adult camps; seminars; & symposiums. Applications:
  • Application for Adult & Youth Team Competition due to RD & USDF.
  • Check the USEF Web site for proposed rule changes affecting dressage.
  • Region 9 Board & GMO Reports, regional business meeting minutes, financial statements, & updated Region 9 policy & procedures posted on Region 9 Website.