2017 Region 9 Summer Meeting August 5

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED AND THANK YOU TO BACH FOR HOSTING! See you all in December at the USDF Convention in Lexington, KY.

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2017 GMO Reports


2017 Committee Reports

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Additional financial information, summary 2014-2017 (.xls). Note from the Treasurer:

  1. Omnibus Income was $9,817 for FY17,which is a decrease of $448 over FY16.
    Omnibus net income was $9,817.00 compared to a net income of $6,810 last year.
    Omnibus Expense was $1,992.08, which was $1,46.40 less than last year, when we charged two years of expenses.
  2. The Omnibus asset account on the Balance Sheet increased to $37,155.69.  We did move some money out of Omnibus to cover General and Education expenses, but the account still increased.
  3. We will move 5% of the Omnibus Income to the Emergeny Fund – $490.85
  4. Travel expenses were basically flat with a decrease of $20.65 in FY17 from the previous year.
  5. T-Shirts generated $1,430 with a cost of $500.48, which left a profit of $625.
  6. FEI JR/YR raised $19,739.54, which was an increase of $1,110.59 over the previous year. FEI JR/YR expenses totaled $23,557.59, a decrease of $544.02 from the previous year. FEI JR/YR spend for FY17 was $3,818.05 over the amount of money they raised in FY17.   The additional funds are taken from the FEI JR/YR Balance Sheet account.  The account balance is $10,073.